Sticks & Stones 42 Tournament

Hearne Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 765, Hearne TX 77859



  1. All Players must be 18 years of age, or acceptable to tournament committee.
  2. Entrance Fee: $15.00 per player
  3. Tournament open to partners (DOUBLES) only.
  4. Double elimination. Each series winner — best two out of three games.
    1. Losing two series eliminates partners from tournament.
  5. Table numbered to determine opposing partners.
    1. Only one partner draws from box to determine opponent.
    2. After first series drawing there will be a winner’s and loser’s bracket.
    3. After first series games — winners will draw from winners box and losers will draw from losers box. Once you lose a series you always draw from losers box.
    4. If uneven number of partners remain in tournament, a bye will be included, which automatically advances partners to next round
    5. Only one bye during tournament for each set of partners
    6. After the first series of play –winner’s will always draw from the winner’s bracket and loser’s will always draw from the loser’s bracket. Last undefeated winners from the winner’s bracket will play last undefeated winners of loser’s bracket for the championship game.
  6. Draw for down in first game of series only, then loser receives down in next game
  7. No “SWEATERS” or spectators allowed in playing area.
  8. No talking across table during playing of each hand.
  9. Talking allowed after the game is over and before start of new game.
  10. No signs to be used — if suspected, judges will bring about disqualification.
  11. Misplays by player will lose 50 points to opponent and loss of down. The game will then continue to its conclusion.
    1. Downing out of turn
    2. Passing, when players turn to play and having a domino that will play.
    3. Exposing Domino during playing of hand, whether players turn to play or not. Domino must remain exposed and played first available time it will play.
    4. Picking up more than 7 dominoes and looking at them before a hand is played.
  12. Time limit for completion of each round: 1 hour 15 minutes.